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Invitation to our international competition First Aid in Marienau 2011

During the Wittmusfest of the village Marienau, the community of the German Red Cross is arranging an international competition in First Aid. It will be from

                  Mai, 13. to Mai, 15. 2011

The little village of Marienau is located in the beautiful Weser highlands at the federal highway 1 in between of Hameln and Hildesheim.

Scheduled activity:

Friday, Mai 13. 2011:         Arrival of the Groups and Fan.

            From 8 p.m. Party at the beer hall.


Saturday, Mai 14. 2011:     First Aid Competition as a show-jumping course

            Award ceremony at the evening Party at the beer hall.


Sunday, Mai 15. 2011:      Departure of the Groups


All Groups of any aid organisation from an Age of 15 are invited.

The competition:

Every Group consists of one Leader and four team member plus one member as

an alternate. The appraisal is based on the valid guidelines in First Aid by the

German Red Cross.


    –the entry fee for each Group is 30,00 Euro

    –catering from Friday to Sunday morning is 24,50 Euro/Person

    –Lunch or packed lunch for the journey home 3,50 Euro/Person


Please assign the entry fee and catering at your announcement to the account9662 at

Sparkassse Weserbergland ( bank code 254 501 10 ).

Designated use: First Aid Competition and Name of the Group. You also can pay in cash at your arrival


The overnight stay is possible in tent´s. ( At the DRK housing in Marienau)

It is necessary to use your own Tent´s and camp bed. Toilet and rest room´s are located at the housing.

During the free time:

    –visit a theme park

    –visit a mine museum

    –use the fun ride´s at the fairground

    –visit the City of the Pied Piper of Hameln

Some of these event´s are free.


Fon: +49 5186 - 36 36 25

Fax: +49 5186 - 36 36 57

E-Mail: wettbewerb@drk-marienau.de

Weekend of Competition:

Fon: +49 5156 - 80 20

Radio: Ch 504 GU - Red Cross Hameln 35-01


End of announcement is Mai, 1. 2011

Date of incoming announcement will be considered

You can find the registration form here

We are looking forward to your announcement.

With best regards


-Michael Bretzing-

Division Manager